Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Day in The Life of a Baker Mom

My son, Andres, was down with some virus for 3 days and he badly wanted to get out of bed and do something aside from staring at the TV. Lucky for me, my kids are not really TV addicts. I never had a problem with that. So as soon as he was better ok, I let him and my other son, Lucas, help me out in the kitchen. Thankfully, they love baking.

Andres waiting for the batter 

Well, they love cracking eggs, cleaning the bowls and wooden spoons, measuring the flour and pouring the milk.

Andres cracking the eggs
Lucas trying his hand at it
I usually do most of the work, they just have fun with it. And I have a lot of fun watching them. Oh! And did I mention that they love washing the pans and bowls? My least favorite thing to do.

Andres loves washing the pans
Drying & Watching TV

Lucas & Andres, my busy helpers

My baking team is perfect!

Our project for this saturday morning is a 2 layer banana walnut cake covered with fondant icing and 24 mini-cupcakes. The theme is Pink, Green & Brown Stripes. It's for my newest goddaughter, adorable Mandy.

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