About Coco Cakes

Coco Cakes: Making Moments Sweet!
Coco Cakes is my way of sharing with you my passion for baking, which is more than just "mixing flour and putting it into an oven" as a friend once put it.

For me, baking is a creative experience, and, like any art, it brings together the exactness of technique and the freedom of imagination into an amazing piece that's great to look at and especially enjoyed when tasted.

If you'd like to order or inquire about Coco Cakes feel free to email me at ilovecococakes@gmail.com.

Me: Mommy + Cake Artist
I didn't know how to go about writing an About Me portion so I asked my friend to write something. She was sweet enough to say this:

"Among all the roles Michelle Teves plays, being a mom is her favorite. It's not easy taking care of 3 beautiful, active, and imaginative kids, but she's able to do it while still looking as beautiful as ever. It's this love for being a mom, for creating a loving and fun environment for families, particularly children, that makes her cakes special. I've known Michelle for a while now, I like to say I can read her mind, yet she still surprises me with how creative she can get and I'm still amazed when I look at her cakes! But I've discovered her secret, and let me share it with you:

Each cake is a work of art, because, just like with everything else she's doing, she does it with love."

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